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At my core I am a strategist and a systems thinker.

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Design leader, strategist, and service design #believer, living and working in San Francisco.

I am a strategist and systems thinker who considers the entirety of a user's experience: from consistent, seamless, delightful interactions across multiple touchpoints and channels to what lies behind the scenes — the infrastructure and processes that need to be implemented to make that experience possible. 

Great experiences start by looking at the whole picture.

I have almost twenty years of industry experience and have worn many hats: from front-end development, to project + product management, to interaction + experience + service design. I am well versed in leading teams to deconstruct a problem of any size and deliver thoughtful and inspiring solutions. 

Random Fun Stuff

Are you wondering why you Google my name (you know you will) and pictures of me in costumes sporting some big hair come up? I’ve been performing here almost as long as I’ve been in tech, doing shows for award-winning theaters around the Bay Area, as well as my own solo work.

When not on stage or in the office, I’m mama to an amazing munchkin, married to a fifth-generation local, and spending way too much time in homewares stores buying tiny plates.