Intuit - Moments that Matter

Moments that Matter

Moments that Matter


Working in conjunction with two other designers, we workshopped and crafted an emotions-based journey map of our migrators during the migration process.

The results and tools created from this workshop were shared with the entire design community at Intuit and directly influenced the methodology and approach our channel marketing partners took to engage with customers.

The Process

Starting from a place of deep customer empathy, product knowledge, customer data, and a large canister of peanut butter pretzels, we spent three days unpacking where we wanted to meet customers emotionally as they make the journey from our desktop application to our online SaaS product.

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The Results

Working with an illustrator, we built a proprietary internal website (view video walkthrough) showcasing the eight key moments in the journey, as well as our process and tools to help drive experimentation across the organization. 

The Moments that Matter Journey Map


Project evaluation Tool

In order to help drive the “right” experimentation, we created a tool that allowed product teams to evaluate their project proposal against the eight “moments that matter.” A blank example of the form is below:

Moments that Matter Tool