WSI - Device Optimization

Device Optimization

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Armed with my new passion for service design, I led the charge on a large-scale smartphone and tablet device optimization project for all six of Williams-Sonoma Inc.'s core brands.


The Process + RESULTS

Starting from a place of deep customer empathy gained through ethnographic research with store associates and customers, coupled with my existing in-depth product knowledge of our sites and customer data, I created:

  • A day-in-the-life journey map of how our customers interact with our brands through multiple devices and channels.

  • An evaluation of all the areas on our site that needed optimization (e.g., navigation, checkout, etc.) and a stack rank list of what areas should be addressed first.

  • Schematics for the new form pattern work to be rolled out into the checkout flow for all six of WSI's core brands.


  • Principal Interaction + Service Designer



  • "Day in the Life" journey map

  • Area prioritization

  • Final wireframes/schematics (for pattern library)

Journey Map - A Day in the Life of Kimberly DaviD (download full size .PDF)

Priority Visualization (download .PDF) + Schematics (full schematic set .PDF)